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Discrepancy in readings


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Discrepancy in readings

Delete this post Submitted by Kartar Diamond on 16/Nov/2013


I have two questions. 1) today in doing readings I would get a different number in the top right hand box compared to the "true north" reading on the last page. For example, I would be 74 degrees in the little right hand box and then when I went to the last page that shows the true map bearing compared to the compass bearing, it would read 60 degrees for true map and then 47 for compass. The readings should match for the upper right hand initial reading and then the true map true north reference reading on the following page. I tried this a number of times and it was changing.

2) Lately when I zoom in on a roof line, the photo tilts so that I am getting both an aerial as well as side view of a building. Is there a way to zoom in close to a roof top without the photo tilting to show the side of a building. I think this is distorting my compass reading of a building.

Thanks for your help.

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